RS-tor has received testimonials from a talented group of riders and trainers, including -


Dressage trainer and rider Sarah Millis

“If a horse starts to buck, the RS-tor allows you to try and get the horse’s head up, but also keeps you secure. It would be useful if you need to keep your hands up and mobile in comparison to a neck strap."

Furst Rubin  Sarah Millis at Addington Jan 2011


Event rider Polly Tucker

"I am such a fan of the RS Tor; it could stop a rider having a very nasty fall, and allow a rider to feel more secure. I have found the RS-tor to be really beneficial to my riding. It's a fantastic and revolutionary design."

Polly Tucker


Para rider Susi Rogers Hartley

"The RS-tor is a really great piece of kit - especially with my sharp horse who is a real spooker and spinner! It is also invaluable for young horses as it prevents you putting pressure on their mouth if you become unbalanced."

susi rogers hartley

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