For any rider with physical limitations, the RS-tor is an ideal riding and safety aid. It gives immense levels of confidence, so is especially useful for riders getting used to a disability, or recovering from injury or surgery. The ‘arm’s length’ of extra stability reduces the chances of a fall or accident, and allows riders to develop their own proprioception, while maintaining a safe and secure seat.


The RS-tor:

  • Helps riders carry their hands while still ‘holding on’, allowing them to develop a deeper seat
  • Is ideal for use when lungeing
  • Is the perfect aid for use when safely jumping without stirrups
  • Is ideal for riders working with a new horse, or one that is not used to the rider’s centre of balance
  • Can be quickly removed from one saddle and put onto another – ideal for RDA centres and riding schools

For more experienced Para riders, the product can help prevent falls and improve whole-body balance – useful both on and off the horse.


Susi Rogers Hartley competes within British Para Show Jumping Association and British Show Jumping competitions, and is a highly regarded showjumper. She says: "The RS-tor is invaluable to me as it enables me to stay sitting up no matter what direction my horse decides to go in - although I have still had a few falls, they have been drastically reduced, which I put solely down to the RS-tor. It is a really great piece of kit - especially with my sharp horse who is a real spooker and spinner! It is also invaluable for young horses as it prevents you putting pressure on their mouth if you become unbalanced. I love it and would thoroughly recommend it."


Please click the home page ‘Buy’ button, to purchase from retailer Polypads’ secure server. The RS-tor is priced £49.99, available in sizes Child’s, S & M/L. Typically, adult riders over 5ft 4", or those that jump over 2ft 6" and need to stretch further up the neck without restriction, select size M/L. Small riders on a larger saddle may also prefer this size. Sizing enquiries: 44 1842 752020.


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