The RS-tor is ideal for all riding disciplines. For hacking, it allows the rider to ride more confidently on a horse that may spook, and importantly, provides invaluable security, keeping the rider closer to the saddle if the horse naps or trips.


The RS-tor:

  • Is ideal for training new riders to balance in the saddle in fields such as polo, mounted games and any mounted arena sport involving balls
  • Helps the rider remain close to the horse’s back when leaning down towards the ground
  • Can help prevent the rider twisting or ‘leaning out’ too much, thus putting pressure on the animal’s back
  • Can be used to aid safety and security with any form of riding, such as vaulting, pony club activities, riding holidays and equestrian sports

NB: If using the RS-tor within sporting activities, check with your sport’s governing body to see whether it can be used in competition.


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The RS-tor is priced £49.99, available in sizes Child’s, S & M/L. Typically, adult riders over 5ft 4", or riders that jump beyond 2ft 6" and need to stretch further up the neck without restriction, select size M/L. Small riders on a larger saddle may also prefer this size. 

Call 44 1842 752020 if you’re unsure of sizing.


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