The RS-tor is an ideal accessory for jumping enthusiasts, as it provides extra stability; perfect for riders with young or excitable horses, and for boosting confidence in any rider.


The RS-tor was designed to help prevent falls, or allow the rider to fall in a more controlled manner. Horse riding is dangerous; the most common mechanism of injury is falling from, or being thrown from the horse, and jumping brings even more risks. However, the ‘arm’s length’ of extra stability given by the RS-tor could allow even experienced riders to concentrate more on their body position during the jump’s approach and getaway, reducing accident risk factors.


The RS-tor:

  • Could prevent a nasty forward fall over the horse’s head, in the event of a sudden refusal during jumping training or competition
  • Is ideal for riders that grab a piece of mane to gain balance over higher fences - they can now rely on the RS-tor, while still having independent hands
  • Helps prevent the horse being jabbed in the mouth during an unexpected cat leap, as the rider will not need to lean on the reins
  • May be used within British Show Jumping affiliated competitions, but may not be used within affiliated horse trials (British Eventing) competitions
showjumping1 RStor drop fence The RS-tor


Please click the home page ‘Buy’ button, to purchase from retailer Polypads’ secure server. The RS-tor is priced £49.99, available in sizes Child’s, S & M/L. Typically, adult riders over 5ft 4", or those that jump over 2ft 6" and need to move their hands further up the neck without restriction, select size M/L. Small riders on a larger saddle may also prefer this size. Call 44 1842 752020 if you’re unsure of sizing.


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