The RS-tor has both safety and riding benefits when used for flatwork. Many riders of young, green or spooky horses rely on neck straps; however, these can be dangerous.


Sarah Millis

International dressage rider, Sarah Millis, says: "When using a neck strap, your hands are too low & fixed. With the RS-tor, if the horse starts to buck, you have the movement to try and get the horse’s head up, while staying secure in the saddle.”


The RS-tor:

  • Attaches simply to the saddle; the rider holds the end-piece comfortably – rein contact is unaffected
  • Allows the rider to carry their hands as normal when schooling
  • Assures no ‘fixing’ of the hands, which can occur when a saddle balance strap is used
  • Facilitates riding through spooks and bucks with less chance of the rider losing their reins / balance
  • Is ideal for home schooling, but may not be used at affiliated dressage events.

The RS-tor is priced at £49.99, and is available in three sizes: Child’s, Small & Medium/Large (M/L).


Typically, adult riders over 5ft 4", or riders that jump beyond 2ft 6" and need to stretch further up the neck without restriction, select size M/L. Small riders on a larger saddle may also prefer this size. Call 44 1842 752020 if you’re unsure of sizing.

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