Are you interested in the RS-tor but want to find out more about how this simple, yet effective riding safety tool works to keep you safe in the saddle?


The RS-tor Riding Safety Aid is ideal for many different horse riding scenarios such as hacking, schooling, jumping, polo, RDA riders and much, much more. Here the RS-tor video illustrates the benefits of the RS-tor for Cross Country Schooling.



Click on the link HERE to find out more about the RS-tor- the ideal companion for cross country in our useful VIDEO today!


The RS-tor riding safety aid is the ideal way to boost rider confidence, and is invaluable when schooling, hacking or jumping young or unpredictable horses. It is particularly useful for cross country schooling.


The RS-tor Riding Safety Aid attaches to the saddle and features a strap that is comfortably held like a riding crop. The RS-tor has a ‘bungee’ element that helps prevents rider falls by ‘absorbing’ the velocity of being unseated. The RS-tor’s is easy to hold offering riders a square stopper to stop or slow a fall when the fall prevention aspect comes into effect if the horse spooks, bucks, rears, cat-leaps or stumbles. In addition its confidence-boosting benefits are always experienced!