Here at RS-tor we are spreading the good work of Medi-K Training, a company which offers first aid training for equestrians.





The business prides themselves on offering a service provided by horse riders especially for horse riders!


Medi-K Training are the leading provider of nationally recognised qualifications for rider first aid training and is a high quality, dynamic training organisation with an outstanding reputation. Asking riders the compelling questions such as “If your farrier had a heart attack- would you have the skills to help? or “If a rider was thrown out hacking- could you help? Here at RS-tor it really made us think about how important it is to have basic first aid skills.


During their courses they cover helmet removal, casualty movement and a what it takes to actually save a life! Medi-K training is tailored to the types of injuries likely to be encountered working around horses, delivered in a way that fits with the busy routine of a working stables, by health care professionals that deal with these injuries on a daily basis.


Why not find out more about their courses today by visiting the website www.medi-k.co.uk and stay safe with riding and at the yard.


RS-tor recommend riders use the RS-tor Riding Safety Aid whilst riding, providing riders a ‘handle on any situation’ if the horse bucks, spooks, trips or rears whilst hacking.