The coming seasons bring with it the opportunity to go hunting with our horses and ponies for many keen horse riders. This age-old traditional discipline has changed since the alteration to legislation in 2005, but still brings with it a thrilling ride following a laid scent over a variety of terrain, jumping and the opportunity to enjoy the countryside!


The RS-tor (pictured above in the image sourced from Horse & Hound Magazine) is the perfect accompaniment to a trip out hunting.




The RS-tor was designed as a safety aid to help prevent falls, or allow the rider to fall in a more controlled manner- ideal for the unpredictable hunting field. The strap has a ‘bungee’ element that helps prevents rider falls by ‘absorbing’ the velocity of being unseated. It fits easily to the stirrup bars.


The RS-tor’s fall prevention aspect comes into effect when the horse spooks, bucks, rears, cat-leaps or stumbles which can be common when out hunting on rough terrain. The RS-tor also always offers confidence-boosting benefits- ideal for those first time hunt riders, children or those jumping the big hedges!


The RS-tor Riding Safety Aid is priced £44.99 – available in Childs, S and M/L sizes. Typically, adult riders between 5ft 4″ and 6ft select size M/L. Call Polypads for stockists – 01842 75202