For young showing enthusiasts, have you considered using an RS-tor riding safety aid?


It was designed as a safety aid to help prevent falls, or allow the rider to fall in a more controlled manner, but is invaluable for aiding confidence. It allows the rider to comfortably hold the end of the strap like a riding crop, while maintaining independent hands.


Showing enthusiasts should check with their organising society to see whether the RS-tor may be used in the showring, but broadly speaking, entrants in Tiny Tots and BSPS Heritage classes may use handle-type accessories. It is widely used for home-schooling and working-in at events, being ideal for riding and training spooky or green horses, or to aid stability when riding a ‘stumbly’ horse.


The RS-tor has a British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Safety and Security Innovation Award, and is ideal for younger riders developing their balance and confidence. The RS-tor is very unobtrusive!